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At the Bonsai Europa event at Bury - Manchester - in the UK October 10-11 the Danish potter Elsebeth Ludvigsen will attend. So if you are in to the small Shohin and Mame pots, Elsebeth will be this one time in the UK selling her pots.

Follow the link above to see some o Elsebeths pots, and join at the Bonsai Europa show to see more.

At the picture below you see one of my Shohin-bonsai in a Elsebeth Ludvigsen handmade pot.








My activities with bonsai - demonstrations and workshops.


April 16 - 17 2016

Shohin-bonsai workshop Bonsaiwerkstatt / Werner Busch




















Morten Albek

Ambassador of Shanghai Botanical Garden

for promotion of Bonsai art.



10 years dedicated to develop and teaching shohin-bonsai through the website with articles e.g. 20 years of experience growing bonsai, and performing lectures, demos and workshops internationally and locally.

Today Morten Albek is currently in the process of building a new garden with a Japanese touch at his farmhouse at the Danish island Fyn (Funen). Here the setting for the personal bonsai collection and teaching is perfect. With Fuchi Bonsai national events are arranged, and classes will be held with education having focus on raising the level and quality of bonsai.

In 2008 Morten Albek published his book 'Majesty in Miniature, Shohin Bonsai, unlocking the secrets of small trees'. In 2010 he also published the blog, featuring small notes, events and less heavier articles with main focus on shohin-bonsai.


Morten Albek is a worldwide recognized bonsai artists and has won many prizes.

Featured in the Jubilee book of Daizo Iwasaki and is on the Bonsai Club International artists list i.e. Articles submitted for Bonsai Focus magazines, Chinese Bonsai Magazine and several websites as well as books and other magazines internationally.


Lectures, workshops, and demos are available for bonsai clubs, commercial bonsai dealers or others that may  have interest in bonsai, and wants to know more. Please contact me at e-mail for further information and inquiries.




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Majesty in miniature - Shohin bonsai book by Morten Albek

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