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My activities with bonsai - demonstrations and workshops.



Shohin exhibition

Changzhou city in China from September 22nd to October 1st 2014, with the purpose of attending the 2nd Internet Membership Shohin exhibition, promoting shohin culture.

Mistral Fair, Spain

October 2-10 2014





Bonsai Brasil 2014

November 5

Bonsai demonstration at the BONSAI BRASIL 2014 - 1║ Congresso Brasileiro de Bonsai & Artes Relacionadas.




April 11 - 12 2015

Shohin-bonsai workshop Bonsaiwerkstatt / Werner Busch









Prunus avium

Wild Cherry

Started in 2006, from garden material.





Morten Albek started Shohin-bonsai Europe website October 15┤th 2003, - 10 years ago


10 years dedicated to develop and teaching shohin-bonsai through the website with articles e.g. 20 years of experience growing bonsai, and performing lectures, demos and workshops internationally and locally.

Today Morten Albek is currently in the process of building a new garden with a Japanese touch at his farmhouse at the Danish island Fyn (Funen). Here the setting for the personal bonsai collection and teaching is perfect. With Fuchi Bonsai national events are arranged, and classes will be held with education having focus on raising the level and quality of bonsai.

The farm houses Albek Bonsai Studio which is the garden and workshop facilities of Morten Albek. Here there are a smaller workshop room available with a Tokonoma, as well as a large room for bonsai exhibition and workshop area. The Albek Bonsai Studio is placed on the country side central in the country, and therefore easy to reach.


Morten Albek has been working as a cameraman and photographer since 1989. But before that he has examined gardener with a speciality in orchids in 1982. Morten Albek started on his bonsai journey in 1993, and has since worked on building up knowledge and skills, and is today teaching bonsai, especially Shohin-bonsai worldwide.


Back in 2003 when the website Shohin-bonsai Europe website was published, little knowledge was available about shohin-bonsai in Europe and elsewhere outside Japan. Today the website is probably the most visited website when searching for information about Shohin-bonsai. Knowledge has increased and today Shohin-bonsai is getting increasingly popular around the world.

In 2008 Morten Albek published his book 'Majesty in Miniature, Shohin Bonsai, unlocking the secrets of small trees'. In 2010 he also published his blog, featuring small notes, events and less heavier articles with main focus on shohin-bonsai.


Morten Albek is a worldwide recognized bonsai artists and has won many prizes. He is also featured in the Jubilee book of Daizo Iwasaki and is on the Bonsai Club International artists list i.e. Articles submitted for Bonsai Focus magazines and several websites as well as books and other magazines internationally.


Lectures, workshops, and demos are available for bonsai clubs, commercial bonsai dealers or others that may  have interest in bonsai, and wants to know more. Please contact me at e-mail for further information and inquiries.




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Majesty in miniature - Shohin bonsai book by Morten Albek

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